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Lavander Kitty Minecraft Skin by BlueFoxThom Lavander Kitty Minecraft Skin :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 0 The Blue Fox Minecraft Skin by BlueFoxThom The Blue Fox Minecraft Skin :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 3 0 Kingdom Hearts Furry by BlueFoxThom Kingdom Hearts Furry :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 3 0 Lavander Kitty Furvilla Paintie Version 2.0 by BlueFoxThom Lavander Kitty Furvilla Paintie Version 2.0 :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 2 The Blue Fox Furvilla Paintie Version 2.0 by BlueFoxThom The Blue Fox Furvilla Paintie Version 2.0 :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 0 Blurple Heart Snuggles by BlueFoxThom Blurple Heart Snuggles :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 1 0 Lavander Ponysona Reference Sheet by BlueFoxThom Lavander Ponysona Reference Sheet :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 0 The Blue Fox's First Giftart by BlueFoxThom The Blue Fox's First Giftart :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 2 Typhoon Ponysona Reference Sheet by BlueFoxThom Typhoon Ponysona Reference Sheet :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 3 1 Lavander Kitty Reference Sheet by BlueFoxThom Lavander Kitty Reference Sheet :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 3 0 The Blue Fox Thom Reference Sheet by BlueFoxThom The Blue Fox Thom Reference Sheet :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 13 Down By The Riverside by BlueFoxThom Down By The Riverside :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 0 2 The P Factor by BlueFoxThom The P Factor :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 0 2 The Blue Shapeshifter by BlueFoxThom The Blue Shapeshifter :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 5 0 Go Compaaaare... by BlueFoxThom Go Compaaaare... :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 2 4 The Final Tie by BlueFoxThom The Final Tie :iconbluefoxthom:BlueFoxThom 0 0


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Mature content
This is my bear :iconmultyashka-sweet:multyashka-sweet 113 1


Lavander Kitty Minecraft Skin
Yeah, My love has been playing Minecraft with me. We've been able to team up on worlds via LAN and have had a ton of fun together building our homes, exploring, mining, whatever.

Again, done with the Nova Skin Creator

And again, nothing too elaborate...she just loves how adorable this simple look is, as do I.
The Blue Fox Minecraft Skin
Yeah, I've been playing Minecraft...and I'd been meaning to do a custom skin of my fursona for it.

I finally got around to it...first I tried to do it in GIMP but for some reason the leg texture wouldn't I ended up using the online Nova Skin Editor ...which allowed me to add a little bit of 3-D with the ears and tail. Pretty sweet.

It's just a simple skin, no details or anything...I didn't need anything too elaborate, I'm perfectly happy with it the way it is now. Besides, it looks friggin' adorable!
Vector - Donald And Goofy
And here we have the Donald and Goofy drawing I cut from the final product of the Kingdom Hearts fanart I did...had I included these two, the fanart would've been much too cluttered. Plus the context didn't make sense canonically.

They're weilding Save The King and Save The Queen, their two best weapons in the game respectively.
Vector - Ryoku Riku
A vector of Luna's boyfriend, Ryoku's fursona...(or his fursona as best as I can remember it)...dressed as Riku, taken from the Kingdom Hearts fanart.
Vector - Luna Namine
A vector of my best friend Luna's fursona dressed as Naminé, taken from the Kingdom Hearts fan art.
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Ok, wow…what a year 2016 was. What. A. Year. Holy frijoles, it was a long one.
Feels more like two years, at least!

Eh…screw the list of things I’d like to do over the year I made last New Year’s Day. I failed all but one of them and that was to switch to Barclays bank.

I think the whole set myself up for a YouTube career thing needs to be put on indefinite hold until we’re nicely set up with our own place and our own lives and everything is settled down again.

I suppose I can work on it a little here and there if I have time to kill and don’t feel like doing anything else, but other than that…yeah, there’s more important things to take care of first.

So what actually did happen this past year?

Well, among other things, as I mentioned, I’m with Barclays now. Couldn’t be happier with that.

We went to Romania for a week back in June. That was quite the trip.

And then the UK had that big ol’ referendum vote. Oh my sweet omnipotent deity, if I could go back in time and undo something, it would be to go back and warn everybody I could that Brexit was and is not such a good idea.
I’m holding on to hope that this supposed UK supreme court ruling that the referendum was done illegally converts into a ruling that Theresa May can’t go ahead with it.

We found Lav a job for half a year but she was struggling to cope with it so we got her out.

We then found a course to have her become a dental nurse but we realised right now is not the best time for her to take it. She needs an actual, proper, full time job, not a traineeship.
Even though she told them she wants out, they’re not doing refunds and they still want her to pay the extra fees for the exams she’s not going to take. Urgh.

A Jobs Fair at Stockport Town Hall got me in touch with Work Solutions to work me towards getting a paid job. I need all the help I can get, I suppose. They’ve already helped me with some fresh retail course certificates from Job Gym and some improvements to my CV.
They’ve now set me up with some work at a charity shop in Stockport starting with an interview on the 6th of January. They’re gonna have me do an interview prep on the 5th so I’m ready for it.

I don’t know if I should go through with that arrangement, though…

You see, Lav and I realise we really, REALLY need to find our own place to live A.S.A.NOW!!!

We just can’t continue living in my parent’s house any longer than we have to.

It’s just way too inconvenient, especially for Lav.

EVERY time she tries to use the bathroom for anything, my dad needs to use it and complains that she’s hogging it. And he doesn’t seem to need it ANY other time. I swear it’s deliberate.
Even when he’s out of the house, if she pops in the bathroom, he suddenly arrives home and immediately needs the toilet.
We’ve even tried asking him beforehand if he needs to use the toilet at all before Lav uses it, and he’s said no, he’s fine, but then 5 minutes later when she’s in there, he’s pacing outside sighing angrily and cussing to himself that it’s occupied.
It’s fricking ridiculous!
It seems to be only affecting her, though.
Other than that, there hasn’t really been any toilet-related clashes.
Also, my dad gets so drunk every night that when he uses the bathroom he leaves his …well… ”leavings” all over the place…on the toilet seat, on the sink…sometimes even on the floor and walls. He should be classified as a toxic hazard and we should have men in hazmat suits coming to decontaminate everything.
Lav is very upset by it. She’s even saying we’re gonna have to go out on the streets just to get out of this situation because of the problems with my dad. But then, what’s she supposed to do for a bathroom and a place to change for work?
Yeah, she has another job lined up in January thanks to one of the job agencies she signed up to.
We don’t have all the details yet, but regardless, she needs the bathroom so she can get cleaned up and ready for work each day when that job starts, which she can’t do when we’re stuck with my parents like this.
Originally we were hoping she’d just have to wake up early in the morning just to have some time free in the bathroom, but nope, just this morning my dad had to wake up for the bathroom early in the morning too, so we can’t even rely on that anymore!
Also, my dad seems to get angry quite easily, especially when drunk, and his anger scares poor Lav.
We’ve raised these concerns about my dad with my mum, but she just laughed and said to just ignore him…um…exactly how does she propose we do that?

Places that accept housing benefit near Stockport are just very hard to find, it seems.
However, there appears to be a whole bunch up in Oldham! At first, I was a bit unwilling to go all the way to Oldham for a place to live, but…well…when you’re desperate as we are…I guess I may have to step out of my comfort zone of living in the Stockport area all my life…and besides, it may only be for a little while until Lav’s been at her job for a bit and maybe I find some work too and then we can grab whatever rental we damn well please.

We asked on Reddit for some advice about our situation as well, and they suggested we contact Shelter for some advice too.

We did that, and they told us we can speak directly to the council for help with our situation.
They said our situation can be classified as straight up homeless since it’s so bad.

Regardless, we gotta wait at least a few more days yet. Everywhere that can help us with housing is shut for the Christmas and New Year Period and won’t be open until the 3rd.

Yeah, it doesn’t help that we only found out off Luna about getting Housing Benefit to pay the whole rent for a fairly decent place in the run-up to Christmas. Not a good period of time to be trying to deal with this sort of thing.

If only either of us had thought of asking her how she got her place sooner. Granted, she got it because she happened to be friends with the landlord (HOW?!?!?) but maybe she would’ve given us some tips on how we can find our own place sooner, and we may have had something by now!

Eh…no matter…we just didn’t know. Learn from your mistakes.

We just gotta survive until the 3rd…then hopefully we can quickly find a solution to our housing problem.

…so yeah…we may end up living in Oldham…which doesn’t make it too convenient for that Work Solutions work experience placement in a charity shop in Stockport, now, does it? Hopefully we can find something in or near Stockport first.

In the meantime, later today as I type this, we’re gonna go view a place in Rusholme. It doesn’t accept DSS but Lav is hoping we could pay the deposit and one month’s rent for it and then pay subsequent months with the salary she’ll be getting at this job she has lined up in January.

It looks quite the bargain actually. Very modern and nice looking for only £410 a month for couples.
We’re getting a little over £450 a month from Jobseeker’s so we should be able to afford it long enough for Lav’s salary to take over at least. We just gotta not tell them we’re technically on Jobseeker’s now and will be getting the job later. I don’t think the landlord would like that.

So yeah. That’s our plan for 2017.

1) Get our own place as soon as we possibly can.

2) Since Lav already has a job lined up, get me into paid work somehow.

Anything we can do beyond that is a bonus.

Ciao For Now,

Cordially, The Blue Fox.

Read my official online blog here


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Thom "The Blue Fox"
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I call myself the Unique Enigma.
Folks have called me unique, in that I am not like most other guys, which is true, I don't have a one-track mind like them.
Folks have also called me an enigma, which is alo true. I'm so much of an enigma, even I don't know who I am fully!
One friend told me it's awesome I'm an enigma rather than a mystery, coz guys who call themselves mysterious are really buttholes, for want of a better word.


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Mellifluous-whispers Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Thom, long time no see eh? ;P Anyway, just thought I'd drop by (eventually.....^^; ) to say thanks for adding "Only yours...." to your Fave's! :love:
BlueFoxThom Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Long time no see indeed. I guess we've both been a bit busy with our lives.

Yeah, I couldn't help but fav such a lovely pic.
NepinRith Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday my Friend! :cake: :party: :hug:
Mellifluous-whispers Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Super Thomas! :wave: Glad to see you've turned a new leaf and started over! :D :aww:

Btw, thanks for the re-add's! :aww:
BlueFoxThom Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well that was one heck of a leaf to turn over. Took me at least over 4 years to turn it over fully in doing this.

Can you just call me Thom from now on please?
Mellifluous-whispers Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I'm glad to hear it! :aww:

Oh, sorry, I wasn't too sure on what to call you so, I referred back to an oldie. ^^
BlueFoxThom Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's okies hun I kinda already figured as much.
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Bat-Snake Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, dude!

Great to see you're still about, and starting fresh!
BlueFoxThom Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel so...cleansed now that I've done this. :D *hugs the batsnake*
Bat-Snake Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yes, I do bring good anti-oxidants.
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